Sarath In Nutshell
  • Old Anandian

  • Rear Admiral -  Sri Lanka Navy

  • Chief of Staff Sri Lanka Navy

  • Director General Civil Defence Force

  • Naval War College Graduate (USA)

  • National Defence College Graduate (India)

  • Kelaniya University Graduate (MA & Mphil)

  • Alumnai Asia Pacific Centre for Security Studies (USA)

  • Alumnai Near East South Asia Centre for Strategic Studies (USA)

  • Awarded Honorary Doctorate by University of Kelaniya

  • Recipient of Vishista Seva Vibhushana Medal and Ranawickrama Gallantry Medal

  • Vice President Football Federation of Sri Lanka

  • Vice President All Ceylon Buddhist Congress

  • Author of four books

  • Director & scriptwriter of film "GAMANI"

Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara joined the Sri Lanka Navy as an Officer Cadet. He has followed numerous courses including a Naval Staff course at the prestigious Naval War College in Rhode Island, New Port, USA and National Defence College, New Delhi, India. He holds a MA in Buddhist Philosophy, M Phil in Buddhist Philosophy and is a Member of the Royal Institute of Navigation in the UK. He is an alumnus of the Asia Pacific Centre for Security Studies in Hawaii as well as Near East South Asia Centre for Strategic Studies at National Defence University in Washington DC, USA.

Rear Admiral Weerasekara has submitted a thesis on Child Soldiers of LTTE and International Obligations and Terrorism in Sri Lanka and its implications on Indian National Security at international fora and received commendations.

He was awarded the Rana Wickrama gallantry award for volunteering and landing troops in enemy infested Pooneryn in 1993 and rescuing approximately 400 trapped army troops. In 2000, Admiral Weerasekara was appointed the Commander Northern Naval Area. He is the first Flotilla Commander of fast attack craft and Inshore Patrol Craft Division of the Sri Lanka Navy.

He held the posts of Chief of Staff, first Deputy Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Navy, Director General Operations, Director Naval Projects and Plans, Director General Services (personnel, training, projects and plans, administration and welfare), Commander Northern Naval Area, Commander Eastern Naval Area and Commander Southern Naval Area.

In recognition of his distinguished career in the Sri Lanka Navy, he has received the Rana Wickrama Medal, Vishishta Seva Vibhushana Medal, Uttama Seva Medal, Republic of Sri Lanka Armed Services Medal, Sri Lanka Navy 50th Anniversary Medal, Sri Lanka Armed Services Long Services Medal, President’s Inauguration Medal, 50th Independence Anniversary Commemoration Medal, North and East Operation Medal and Poorna Bhoomi Medal.

During his tenure as the Commander Eastern Naval Area, he was instrumental in preventing the LTTE from taking the law into their own hands over an issue concerning the placing of a Buddha statue in the Trincomalee town by a Buddhist organisation. In the backdrop of a heightened controversy over this issue, President Chandrika Kumarathunga removed him immediately but subsequently created a new position called Deputy Chief of Staff and appointed him in that post.

Rear Admiral Weerasekara has also been a vociferous critic of “Films on War” that are demoralising the soldier and disgracing the soldier wife. He has written a series of articles and he believes that the attitude of these filmmakers amounts to treason. He has also penned three books titled Ven Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula (15th Century), Noothana Paravi Sandeshaya and Sagaraya Saha Geheniya.